Join Carolin Hauser, Pioneer and Leader in the field of Feminine Empowerment and Sexual Healing, Author of: Blossom- Your Seven Step Journey to Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Creating Your Dream Life! For this FREE Play-Shop

“3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Innate Pleasure, Power and Joy -Even After Childhood (Sexual) Abuse" - So That YOU Can Truly be The WOMAN You Were Meant to BE!"

This Virtual Training is for you  :

  •  If  you want to fulfill YOUR heart’s most burning desire and create a life filled with joy, aliveness, pleasure, abundance and a deeply full-filling, intimate relationship with a (your) man
  • You feel like your childhood sexual abused has ruined you and made you incapable of ever trusting life, a man or yourself
  • If you suspect or feel that childhood sexual abuse is the root cause of all your struggle around accepting your BODY and around FOOD
  • You have learned to be your own “man”, and  you give yourself most of what you need, but still deep down you are yearning for so much more
  • You want to feel safe in love and life and intimacy, so you can live and express all of your true feminine nature and simply be your true self
  • You want to feel so good about yourself and your body and let go of any self sabotaging things you still do to yourself (like emotional eating or shopping for comfort, drinking or smoking or beating yourself up constantly)
  • YOU, if you are ready to stop dreaming and start creating a life, filled with joy, pleasure , a sense of aliveness, abundance and deep connection.

If you are like most female survivors of childhood sexual abuse I know, you’ve been working on yourself for most of your life. You’ve done “all the right things” to manifest and create your “perfect” life  and your greatest love desires. You’ve learned that you first must give the love to yourself before you can get it from a man. You’ve also learned that as long as your childhood “stuff” isn’t dealt with, you will keep running into the same relationship and life challenges and patterns, over and over again.  But still somehow, even after years of therapy and following every self help book out there, you know you still haven’t “arrived”. Your heart, soul and body are still yearning. You’re starting to wonder: Does the life that you so desire, the life filled with ease, joy abundance and love exist for you?

What you may not know is this: While many self-help tools are great for making temporary changes, there’s an entirely different process for making permanent changes and allowing true healing, and it’s a process that few people really know or understand.

It all revolves around you feeling safe, and keeping your Heart open!

(Not, as many therapists would have you believe, around “fixing” your thoughts or emotions.)

I used this process to heal my own broken heart, and to open up to creating a beautiful life, filled with lots of jouy and pleasure and fun.

Now, it’s my Souls Desire to help women all over the world  to do the same!

But, there IS a catch. As simple as it sounds to feel safe and to keep your heart open, it’s NOT so easy to do when your partner (or the non-existence of one) or the lack of money  keeps triggering your old wounds. (And that is what inadvertently happens in YOUR day to day life!)

Here’s what you’re going to learn on this BRAND NEW and GROUND-BREAKING virtual play-shop:

  • EXACTLY how to release Trauma, not just from your own system but from your entire FEMALE LINEAGE so your children can be free (Hint : It doesn’t need to be released from your psyche, it’s embedded within your nervous system)
  • The #1 ingredient you MUST understand to heal your Trauma. (Not knowing this could cost you many more years in therapy, without seeing any real change!)
  • Two simple steps that will help you regain Control over your Emotions and self sabotaging behaviors (rather than them controlling you!)
  • How to go from a place of feeling that your “story” always gets in the way when it comes to love and success, to a place where YOU are Free to express all of who you truly are and create the life you feel so deeply should be yours.

When you focus on staying open instead of “fixing”, you’ll:

  • Heal your Heart, Soul and Spirit and let your radiance shine again
  • Be able to let your guard down while letting love all the way in
  • Feel your heart and all the love that’s in it
  • Relax into your true feminine nature, and attract or be with a healthy man who owns his power
  • Feel safe to completely fall in love with your life and the world
  • Become a magnet for new opportunities and success


In short:  When you get off this call You’ll know how to release your Trauma and let your guard down, so YOU can be the wild,soft, passionate, powerful and feminine woman that you know YOU really are – In POWER and Consciously Co-Creating the life you’ve pasted all over your Vision Board!